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Food Safety Level 1

Resumen del curso

Food safety and food hygiene ratings are never far from the news.

Sharing local establishments’ food hygiene ratings is a popular topic of engagement on many social media channels and in local newspapers, and unfortunately, it’s often those scoring at the lower end of the scale that make headlines.

Effective food safety and hygiene training isn’t just for businesses with a kitchen, it applies equally to businesses selling pre-packaged food and can help protect your business and ensure you avoid unwanted publicity.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Contenido del curso

• Introduction to food safety
• Microbiological hazards
• Food poisoning and its control
• Contamination hazards and controls
• Safe handling and the storage of food
• Personal hygiene
• Food pests and pest control
• Cleaning and disinfection

Duración del curso

2-3 Hours



Costo del curso




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