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COVID-19 Secure for Hospitality

نظرة عامة على الدورة التدريبية

Returning to work and continuing our way of life is a growing concern among many people in these difficult times. We have developed our COVID-19 Secure for Hospitality course to help protect your staff and give them the confidence to carry out their daily duties while knowing how to prevent infection within a hospitality environment. Ideal for employees returning to a hospitality environment after working
from home or being on furlough. This course covers preventing infection when working within
hospitality and provides the necessary hospitality protocols to stay safe in relation to COVID-19.

Image by Brooke Cagle

محتوى الدورة

• Coronavirus
• Risk assessment
• Getting to work
• Common areas
• Working with customers and colleagues
• Cleaning
• Face and body coverings
• Handling deliveries
• Accidents and incidents
• Raising concerns
• Working with customers
• Handling goods
• Handling money
• Managing queues

مدة الدورة

40 - 60 Minutes


جنيه استرليني

تكلفة الدورة


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