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Team Working

بررسی اجمالی دوره

Working towards a common goal is vital in establishing a positive company culture and ensuring business objectives are met. Teams in the workplace take many forms and sizes, but should always be bound by common objectives so that they work together to achieve a successful outcome. Working as part of a team – along with relationship building and effective communication - is therefore integral to a business’s success.

Image by Brooke Cagle

محتوای دوره

• What is teamwork?
• Working effectively with colleagues
• Establishing good working relationships
• Group composition and teamwork
• Group personalities
• Positive and negative communication characteristics
• Active listening
• Motivation
• Self-analysis
• Feedback
• Why it is important to handle criticism positively

طول دوره

20-40 Minutes

اعتبارنامه ها


هزینه دوره


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