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Our mission at Lakota Training Group is simple: To provide high-
quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and
beyond, to cater to each clients, specific needs.

How Lakota Started


How Lakota Started

Helping the long term unemployed by addressing barriers and building up their confidence


Where We Are Now

We give our clients the comfort and security, of not having to look elsewhere, to achieve their personal goals. 


The Future

We want to work with people from our local community and offer support and training to enhance their skills, knowledge and mental health.

How Lakota Started

With over 30 years of educational experience between them Joanne and Paul set up Lakota Training in October 2014, with the intention of helping the long term unemployed by addressing barriers and building up their confidence with our bespoke courses, with one to one support, including information, advice and guidance. 

These courses have been very successful as many of our long term unemployed gained employment on completion of our courses and we pride ourselves with our 100% retention.

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The Future Vision

To be the preferred and most trusted client focused, flexible training provider in the North East. To provide bespoke training, learning development and qualifications, that meets all of our client’s goals and aspirations.


“OUR CORE VALUES” are our compass, for our actions and business behaviour.


* Leadership: Strengthening our roles as information providers to our clients and lead with courage to shape a

better future.


* Integrity: Consistent in our company values and personal ethics.


* Quality: Respond to our client’s needs, by adding qualitative value to our training and service: “WHAT WE DO, WE

   DO WELL.”


* Professionalism: Our operation is based on a set of defined values that guide our employees and businesses best practises.


* Collaboration: Harnessing all opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate and partner, within the training environment and business community.


* Innovation and Continuous Learning: Embrace innovative solutions for the enhancement of our training and to pursue

growth and learning advances, within further education.


* Passion: We are determined and committed.

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Where We Are Now

We're excited to share that Lakota has transitioned into a Community Interest Company, marking a significant milestone in our journey. We're thrilled to introduce Jess as our newest Director, joining our team with her valuable experience. Jess has been an integral part of Lakota since January 2020, and her dedication and expertise make her a fantastic addition to our leadership. Welcome aboard, Jess!

We have just overcome a critical juncture in our business plan, by expanding into larger premises. This has enabled us to reach our potential of training larger groups with a larger variety of qualifications, which will enable our clients to progress onto higher level qualifications in the same comfortable environment. 


We also have a specialist support team on hand including a signer to support Deaf or hard of hearing and a Qualified Counsellor who is there for anyone who has any mental health issues including anxiety and depression.


This gives our clients the comfort and security of not having to look elsewhere to achieve their personal goals, and has helped improve our already excellent retention and attendance record.

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Why We Do What We Do

* To provide bespoke training, tailored to meet each client’s needs.


* To empower clients with the knowledge to shape and direct their own pathways.


* To ensure flexibility by delivering varying training packages that meets the dynamic needs of our clients.


* To provide quality training, that meets regulatory standards and improve the standards within the training services.


* To develop a person, centred approach to our training delivery.


* Creating a learning environment that provides innovative and exciting learning experience, for all learners and staff.

Whom We Serve (e.g. Businesses, Employers, Unemployed)

We continue to serve clients, both within employment and unemployment, with life barriers.


This enables them to see their potential, on a one to one basis and to help them to grasp their own aspirations, in a comfortable, none critical environment.

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